filthy feet


dirty bare feet Do you remember that girl down the street? Yes, THAT girl. The one who spent most of the summer in a pair of cutoffs, or jeans on cooler days and a blouse tied at the waist exposing her navel. Girls didn’t have belly button piercings in those days, but let’s face it- who was looking at their stomach anyway? Said girl was always casual, never wearing socks, rarely wearing shoes even on the sharp gravel. Once in a while she wore clogs or flip flops, but more often than not she was barefoot and the soles of her feet were BLACK! Dirty, filthy feet, coated with the stain of asphalt, grass, dogshit, whatever. So dirty that they had to be hosed off before her mom would let her in the house. Feeling nostalgic? Here is a tiny cute blonde showing off her own dirty bare feet

Yumi's Asian Feet

I keep hearing from foot fetish fans, Asian foot fetish fans in particular. They’re constantly writing and asking for more Asian girls on the site. Seems that there is something special about a sexy Asian foot. Maybe somebody can fill me in on the details. In the meantime, study this site of cute Asian model Yumi, while she shows off her (yes) Asian feet and sucks her little toes.

Caramel Covered FeetSaffron is one of our favorite foot fetish models. She’s got a brilliant smile, and did we mention little brown feet? It was just before Easter, and Saff couldn’t wait to get some sweet feet treats. She slowly lowered those pretty peds into a bowl of thick, creamy caramel, covering her soles and squishing it between her pretty pink toes. Once the coverage was even, she then pressed her sticky soles into those little candies you put on top of birthday cakes, completing her sticky feet treat. Honestly, you’ve got to see it for yourself to appreciate the whole effect!

Sexy Toes


Sexy ToesAdmittedly not everyone is into feet, or even toes. Suffer those fools who neglect this erogenous area. Guys, you will drive your woman into a certain type of frenzy when you unexpectedly wrap your mouth around her pretty peds. It doesnt matter if they’re those long, talented toes that know exactly how to unzip your pants under the table at Chez Pierre, or those tiny cute toes that look so great with a french pedicure on tanned feet in flip flops at the beach. Indeed, it takes a special kind of woman who’s long legs can be manuvered as such that she can suck her own toes. Truly a keeper guys ;-) Check out Kitsune here as this 6 foot babe demonstrates the art of sexy toe sucking.



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